THA Faculty & Staff

Head of School

Tara Woodson
Head of School


Patti Parnell
Financial Manager
Beth Cronauer
Office Manager

Middle School

Debra Beckham
8th Grade English and Algebra 1 Teacher
Amy Jenner
5th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Dr. Jennifer Taylor
Middle School Science Teacher
Judy Brazukas
5th Grade Math and Science Teacher
Brooke Smith
6th and 7th Grade Math and 7th Grade History Teacher
Savanna Brown
5th and 6th Grade ELA Teacher


Allie Segars
1st Grade Teacher
Casie Yarbrough
2nd Grade Teacher
Sharon Snipes
4th Grade Teacher
Megan Bebout
3rd Grade Teacher


Chure Galloway
4K Teacher
Jennifer Jones
4K Co-Teacher
Diane Smith
3K Teacher
Ann McPherson
5K Co-Teacher
Lauren McFarland
3K Co-Teacher
Lauren Galloway
2K Teacher
Victoria Johnson
2K Co-Teacher
Kaitlyn Jones
5K Teacher

Specialty Areas

Selena Davis
Athletic Director
Frankie Mixon
Art Teacher
Allison O'Kelly
Spanish Teacher
Lindsay Henrich
STEAM Director
Dr. Allison Evans
Guidance Counselor
Jerome Richardson
Music, Computer Apps, and Public Speaking Teacher
Bethanie Kenderdine
Latin and 6th Grade History Teacher


Audrey Davis


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